Want to Improve Your Gut Health? Free Printable Provided

Want to Improve Your Gut Health?


Did you know there was such a thing as a gut microbiome?

If you did, that’s awesome.

For me, I’m flabbergasted that I’m 51 years old and just learning about it now? And I’ve been into alternative health methods since I was in my 20’s.

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What I’ve come to learn from reading Dr. Will Bulsiewicz’s book, Fiber Fueled (affiliate link), is that the health care system is definitely failing us by not teaching about the gut.

The earlier you learn about how important your gut health is, the better off you’ll be. I HAD to learn about it after experiencing some major health issues when I officially hit menopause (major activation of Epstein Barr and sudden onslaught of anxiety that I never experienced in my life).

Did you know that 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut? I didn’t. So if you are experiencing any anxiety or depression, I would encourage you to take an active approach to improve your gut health.


Anyway, the purpose of this post is NOT to review Dr. Bulsiewicz book or provide information from it.

The purpose is too highly encourage you to read it and put his suggestions into practice. Again, the younger you start this, the better (in my humble opinion). If I had started it in my 20’s I’d be in a much better position health wise than I am now.

Also, I wanted to share a printable that I created for myself to ensure I get the recommended diversity of plants in my diet each week.

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According to Dr. Will, the key to optimal gut health is in the diversity of plants you eat.

His extensive research shows that eating at least 40 different plants each week will provide your gut microbiome with the support it needs to actively work on your behalf and keep you healthy.

I find it amazing because it really is so simple. And in today’s health market, we need things to be as simple as possible. 

Not to mention, the recipes in Fiber Fueled are amazing! I have been cooking plant based recipes for over a year and my husband, the meat eater that he is, didn’t like most of them. However, since I started the Fiber Fueled approach, there’s only been one recipe out of 70 that he didn’t like (and that’s only because he doesn’t like peanut butter. Uh, seriously? Who doesn’t like peanut butter? LOL). 

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Below is an example of the plants I eat in a week.

I typically eat a 90% plant based diet. I just can’t give up that occasional veggie pizza :), so I was surprised to see that I am only eating 58 different plants in a week. 

The reason this happens is because we get into the habit of generally eating the same things. Putting the same greens and fruits in a smoothie, eating our favorite salad items, etc. So by keeping track like this, you’ll be able to see how much variety you are actually getting. It was definitely eye opening for me.

Another added benefit I didn’t realize would happen is that I enjoy the challenge of this process and look forward to exploring the fruit and vegetable section of the grocery store to see what new plant varieties I can try. It’s so easy to eat a salad and end up with 10-15 different plants if you get creative.

The Free Fiber Intake Tracker Printable

So, please download this printable and join me in ensuring you give your body and immune system a chance to be the best it can be.

PIN for later & leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

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