How to Use Your PINS to Reinvent Yourself


If you’re a fan of Pinterest, have you ever thought to yourself, ‘I keep pinning all of these PINS but never do anything with them.’ If so, I have a sneaky suspicion you’re not alone.

In fact, I was one of those people. For years, I collected PINS of paintings and artwork from other visual artists. I did this because they inspired me. They allowed me to dream about the type of artwork I could create.

The problem was, I wasn’t creating my own art. I was spending more time admiring the work of others rather than doing the work myself. I came to realize this was an avoidance tactic. It was easier to PIN and dream than struggle through the creative process. Pinning was faster, easier and at times, more satisfying.

However, I came to realize that when I was pinning others artwork, I was comparing myself to them. When I took a closer look at how I was feeling, I realized I actually wasn’t feeling inspired by them. I was constantly comparing my beginning to their end and it prevented me from doing the work myself. It made me feel unmotivated rather than inspired.

When I started the life planning process, I decided this needed to change. When I found myself constantly complaining that I never had time to create my own art, I knew I needed to start taking action instead of passively watching from the sidelines.


Since I started using Pinterest to share my blog, I’ve been paying attention to board names people are using that are related to making life changes.

Some Board titles include:
  • Building a Better Me
  • Enjoy Life
  • Keep Going
  • Life Hacks
  • Getting Organized
  • Happy Life
  • Mindfulness for Change
  • Creating my Destiny
  • My Path to Success
  • Helpful Hints
  • Personal Development
  • Self-Improvement
  • Just Do It

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I think this is awesome. So many of us are wanting to reinvent ourselves, to keep growing and changing and improving our lives. That’s extremely encouraging.

However, the question that keeps playing in my head is, ‘are people actively using the information they are collecting?’ Knowing from my experience, that it can be easier to collect than it is to take action.

The good news is, since you’re reading this post, you are one of those people that actually clicks on a PIN to spend a few minutes checking out the information behind the PIN. That being said, how often do you actually do something with it? How often do you take action? How often do you use information to make concrete changes in your life?

If you do, two thumbs up.  Good for you!!

If not, I would challenge you to consider putting aside 1/4 of the time you spend pinning and take action on the PINS you have collected. That means, if you spend 4 hours a week browsing on Pinterest, spend at least 1 hour taking action. I don’t mean JUST reading. I mean actually taking action on some of the things you are reading. If you have a board titled “Creating My Destiny”, then it’s time to start creating. If you have a board titled “Just Do It”, then it’s time to start doing it.


I spent some time figuring out a system I could use to help me move away from being a passive pinner to actively making changes in my life.  I’m sharing that system with you.

I created a FREE 6-page workbook called “Taking Action on My PINS to Reinvent Myself”‘ to help you use all of those personal development PINS to your advantage. No need to sign-up to access the workbook. I provided it below.

The workbook includes:
  • Directions:  11 easy steps
  • A 4-page worksheet process to help you focus on a specific area or board with collected PINS
  • An Action Plan to help you take it to the next level
Need to find your focus and start prioritizing your life? Struggling to stay motivated?

Check-out these LIFE PLANNING ESSENTIALS available for you to get started today. They can work wonders helping you recharge and refocus your life.

Product images for 4 printable sets available by loving mondays


Download (PDF, 63KB)


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  • I have a Personal Development board where I curate ideas for people but this post has given me some other ideas. I may add another board to my very many boards. 🙂

  • It’s true, I do need to take the time to implement some of the many pins I find intriguing enough to save. Also, thank you for the board name ideas – I’ve already incorporated a few into my boards!

    • Hi Ellen – Thanks for commenting. I’m so glad this post was useful for you and that you found some additional board ideas. I’ll be sure to visit!

  • Hi Karen – thanks for linking up to the Favorite Things Linky Party on my blog at Vintage Mama’s Cottage. I love your concepts here for re-inventing yourself! So many great ideas . . . I would love to feature some of your posts on my blog in the future if that would be OK. Of course, I will always promote your blog and link back here to your inspiring posts! Also, I’m glad you decided to try participating in one of the many blog hops / parties out here. It really is a great way to connect with other bloggers, make new friends, and find loads of creative inspiration. I need to work on my own Pinterest boards, so I’ll definitely be coming back here to learn how to make the most of my pins. Would love to connect with you again soon, Nina @ Vintage Mama’s Cottage

    • Hi Nina – Thanks visiting and for your kind comments. You are more than welcome to share content from my site. In fact, I would be extremely grateful. Thanks for all your work in maintaining the Linky Party. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Yes, let’s definitely be in touch. I’ll visit your site again soon. 🙂