The focus of the PLAN phase of the cycle* is crucial to the manifestation process. We must do a certain level of productive and strategic planning to turn our dreams into reality.

By moving from A to Z in a structured, organized way, we are much more likely to succeed.

This phase encourages us to develop clear and concise goals that support the intentions we spelled out in the DREAM phase.

Has this ever happened to you?

A great idea pops into your head and the adrenaline of excitement begins moving through your body. You find you have a little pep in your step for a few days, and you can’t wait to get started implementing your idea.

But before you even put pen to paper, the gremlins begin tumbling around in your head and you start thinking about all the reasons why your idea doesn’t seem so great anymore.

All the things you would need to do to get there no longer seem very exciting, and you move into a serious state of resistance. Most of us can relate because most of us have been there before.

Sometimes the reasons for this happening are complex and layered; however, sometimes it’s because the feeling of resistance is uncomfortable so we give up long before we could even begin.

Before we could even get a chance to develop meaningful plans to go to the next step.

Without taking the opportunity to develop purposeful plans, our dreams can feel way out of reach, too big to handle, impossible and overwhelming; so instead, we freeze.

Instead, we find the next 100-episode series on Netflix and dive in. That’s so much easier, isn’t it? And sometimes so damn enjoyable (okay, you caught me)!

But only easier in the short-term. In the long-term it may be harder to live with regrets.

I love this quote from Zig Ziglar:

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Isn’t that what we’re talking about here? The gremlins tell us we’re not great so why even start? Many times, we don’t. But we must remember, no one gets great at anything until they start at the beginning. So, let’s get going!

We need to stop binge watching on Netflix (you know who you are) and start charting out our dreams in meaningful, measurable and reasonable ways.

Developing a meaningful plan can often heighten our level of personal motivation so we’re more likely to watch only one Netflix episode (we need to relax too) instead of three in a row (or ten if you’re anything like my students) to get the next thing done on our checklist.

The ‘next thing’ is done one task at a time, one day at a time and before we know it, we’re that much closer to making our dreams a reality. LOVE THIS CONCEPT!! It totally works!

Some areas of the ‘PLAN’ phase we’ll be exploring include:

  • Creating effective life plans (watch for free planning worksheets).
  • Developing short-term and long-term goals that really work (watch for free goal setting worksheets).
  • Adjusting our mindset for those who typically don’t follow a plan or checklist.
  • Taking full responsibility for the progress we make (or don’t make).
  • Giving ourselves a break when something doesn’t go as planned.
  • Exploring ways to prevent being overwhelmed by the planning process.
  • Coaching on individual life plans (coming soon).
  • Having accountability partners (coming soon).

Lastly, because our intentions change from time to time, so will our plans. Therefore, as a member of ‘Determined to Love Mondays’, you will be reminded periodically to review your current plans and make necessary adjustments. There’s a level of accountability at this phase that most of us need as well (including me). This community can help you in that process.

No matter where you are in the DREAM ◊ PLAN ◊ CREATE cycle now, you’ve come to the right place to find ideas about how to effectively work within that phase each time you find yourself there.

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*Visit the ABOUT page for an introduction to the DREAM ◊ PLAN ◊ CREATE cycle.