You’re Allow to Change! Permission Granted!


I came across this quote recently that basically sums up where I’m at in my life right now and has given me great pause for reflection…

The first step in crafting the life you want is
to get rid of everything you don’t.”  ~Joshua Becker

What do you think? Does this quote have any merit in your life right now?

Lately I’ve been thinking about my current interests compared to previous interests and realizing how difficult it can be in our society to make a shift.  

As evolving human beings, isn’t it reasonable that our interests, values, morals, beliefs, ambitions, passions, etc. may frequently change? 

I say. Absolutely. YES!

However, I often find myself holding out on sharing these shifts with family and friends for fear I will appear as though I can’t make up my mind, that I can’t stick to anything or that I don’t have staying power.

We also tend to call it a ‘mistake’ when we try something new but than realize that it’s not for us.

I wonder where I got the idea that redefining ourselves on a regular basis is a bad thing and something to be embarrassed about rather than celebrated?

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We expect children to change and grow, don’t we?

We allow children to evolve and develop their awareness of themselves and others without judgement.

Why then would this be different once we hit adulthood?

Why do we so often judge each other (and ourselves) for ‘changing our minds’ and ‘seeing things from a new perspective’?

Why do we assume that when a person shares a viewpoint, they will have that same viewpoint a day, a week or year from now? It’s not likely they will but we tend to believe they will never change.

Well, I’m tired of those beliefs.

I want to honor that where I’m at today may not be where I want to be tomorrow.

To celebrate my own growth and the growth of those around me.

To fully treat myself and others with respect by allowing space for making as many life shifts as we damn well please. 🙂

How does that fit in with the life planning process?

It’s a reminder for all of us is that the life planning process is fluid.

The life plan you put in place today will need to be revisited and revised from time to time.

And remember, how often you need to revisit and revise will be different from how often I need to revisit and revise. Some will do it once a month, some once a year and some, every 10 years. Let’s not judge each other for the frequency or infrequency of when the shifts need to occur. 

So, what things are you holding on to right now that no longer represents who you are today?

How about lightening your load a bit to allow room for new ideas, thoughts and experiences to find their way into your existence?

I would love to hear in the comments what you come up with!

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