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the Ultimate Life Planning Challenge

There are times in life when you need to refocus, reenergize and recharge. Times when things may be going along just fine but you start to feel ‘the itch’ or yearning for something different. 

Other times when you simply feel stuck and you need something to get you moving again.

When this happens, it’s helpful to follow a process that will help you gain clarity, plan and prioritize effectively. 

To guide you in the right direction to figure out where you want to be 1 year, 5 years and 10 years from now. 

More importantly, when that time arrives, you want to find yourself in the exact place you were hoping for.

That can be difficult to do on your own. It’s easier when you have an effective life planning process to guide you. This challenge is a great starting point for that.

Furthermore, each time you bring your life back into focus, it may be a few years before refocusing is needed again but for most people it’s needed on a more regular basis.

That’s just a part of the journey. The earlier in life you accept that, the easier it will be to move gracefully through the ebbs and flows of the human experience.

This is especially true if you thrive on personal development to continue growing into the best version of yourself.

The life planning challenge is structured to help you refocus, recharge, dream, examine, reflect, plan, prioritize, and start taking action from where you are today. 

Not from where you were yesterday. Yesterday is gone. Today is your starting point. Today provides the next opportunity to be the best version of yourself.

Are you up for the challenge?

what are people saying?

I’ve been collecting anonymous feedback from the challengers that have gone before you and they are loving it. When asked what part of the challenge was the most helpful, here are some of their comments:

“Thinking through the emotional aspects of planning.”

“How each area had specific actions to do. It helped me feel I could actually do the challenge.”

“Responsibility, Mindset, Fears & Barriers, Relationships. These were the days that I felt most challenged, and are usually left out of goal-setting.” 

“The step-by-step guided process helped to clarify my thoughts.

“It forced me to sit down and think…about ME and what I want”

“Introspection. The fact that you have to go back in order to move forward.”

when is it best to start the challenge?

I’m not a huge fan of waiting until the beginning of the year to set goals, reflect on life and set resolutions, although, if it’s that time of year, then there’s no better time like the present.

As I mentioned above, goal setting, prioritizing, reflecting, and refocusing may need to be done on a more regular basis when we want to make effective changes in our lives. 

This may be once a year, twice a year or perhaps even more. We’re all different so you need to figure out what works best for you.

Therefore, unlike other Challenges, this one has no start and stop dates. The challenge is available to you any time you need it. 

If completing the challenge once a year starting in January is what works best for you, great. But if completing the challenge now and then again in 
6-months is what you need most, it’s here for you now and will be then as well. 

does 20-days seem like a lot?

The good news is the e-mail prompts you’ll receive won’t take you more than 10-15 minutes a day to complete. 

Of course, you can spend more time but you don’t have to. That would be a total of 3 – 5 hours dedicated to recharging your life.

If you prioritize your time, you’ll be surprised how you can find 3-5 hours to do something as important as life planning. 

Just think about something you can do without or shift each day for 10-15 minutes (i.e. watching Netflix, watching the news, browsing through social media, socializing with co-workers over lunch, etc.) and the time will be there.

Are you ready to develop the perfect life plan to re-focus and
re-energize your life?

If so, let’s first make sure you’re set-up for success.  

Have you ever started something with the best intentions just to lose motivation within a few days?  Unfortunately, that happens to most of us, even me.

The ‘Design A Life Planner’ was developed to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

This 40-page planner will help you stay organized, focused and motivated throughout the entire challenge. 

It will help ensure you stay true to yourself and your intentions for taking on the challenge in the first place.  

Design a Life Planner: The Ultimate Guide to the 20-Day Life Planning Challenge


A life plan that will support and guide you
to create the fulfilling life you’ve
been dreaming about.



For Only $19, this 40-page planner along with the Life Planning Challenge
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It can be hard to commit to
making changes and develop plans
that make a difference in your life. 

Therefore, it’s important to use a process to help you stay on track.

The Life Planning Challenge and ‘Design A Life’ Planner can do exactly that.

Design a Life Planner: The Ultimate Guide to the 20-Day Life Planning Challenge
  • It's a formula to help you stay motivated and inspired to develop the perfect life plan.
  • A proven system to ensure you make it to the end of the challenge.
  • An effective strategy to stay organized even if your life tends to be cluttered.
  • An ultimate life planning process made quick and easy. Just follow the daily e-mail prompts and fill in the blanks.
  • A process covering 20 critical topics needed to develop the perfect life plan.
  • A surefire way to support those who don't particularly like to plan but know that they should.
  • A must for those who have a hard time staying focused.
  • A perfect way to keep all your thoughts and plans all in one place. You'll love it.
  • A finished plan will ensure change happens by guiding you all year long.



Hi! I’m Karen,

I graduated from a college in the mid-west with a degree in Social Work. I then earned my Master’s Degree in Public Administration; ultimately finding my passion working in Higher Education.

Over the last 25 years and thousands of hours of individual coaching, I developed an expertise in a variety of life planning areas including personal development, goal setting, life purpose, prioritizing, decision-making, planning, organizing, time management, habit building, career exploration, personality type, strengths, values, interests, dealing with overwhelm and the basics of budgeting and money management.  

Ultimately, my career has been dedicated to helping people, like yourself, develop effective life plans and now I look forward to helping you develop yours.

Funny enough, it wasn’t that long ago that I finally got serious about developing my own life plan. Therefore, I know what it’s like to go through life without a lot of clarity and direction beyond the day job.

I love what I do in higher education but I felt this strong yearning to do more and experience something different. However, I had a hard time putting my finger on exactly what, where and how.

I initially developed this life planning process and planner, first and foremost, to help me figure that out; to refocus and recharge my own life. 

I was thrilled with the outcome. It not only helped me refocus; I can’t believe how motivated and inspired I am now for the next chapter of my life. 

Doing the work that my life plan requires isn’t always easy but I know what I’m working towards and that’s exciting. 

I want you to feel as excited about your life as I do about mine, therefore, I’m excited for you to get started.

I’ll see you in the Facebook Group. I’m there providing extra motivation, inspiration and life planning support.

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I’m giving away a special life planning goody for everyone who completes the challenge as my way of saying ‘great job’ (value $7.00).

On the last day, you will be prompted to tell me about your experience and report your completion.

You will then be given access to a free life planning tool only for those who complete the challenge (and one I charge for in my shop). This tool will help you put your newly focused life into action.

You’ll also receive monthly support, encouragement and additional life planning tips to keep you motivated and inspired all year long. 

Free planning printables will be included in the monthly support to help you continue prioritizing and planning your next steps effectively (value $60.00).

planner for only $19
and begin developing your life plan today!

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Your planner will be available for immediate download along 
with directions for signing-up for the challenge.

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The Ultimate 20-Day Life Planning and Goal Setting Challenge; Guaranteed to Help You Develop the Perfect Life Plan.
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