How & Why to Start A ‘Jar of Progress’

When working on making changes in our lives, most of us need to feel we are slowly but surely advancing towards our goals to stay motivated. I know I do!

The larger the goal, the more important this can be.

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Therefore, I developed a quick and easy way for us to see exactly how much we are getting done.

I call it the “Jar of Progress.”

For us visual folks, this can be an extremely effective tool.  It’s one strategy that can help to adjust your mindset for success.

So, when it seems like your goals are stalled and disappointing thoughts start playing on a loop in your head, simply glance at your jar and see that you actually are moving forward.

When you need more convincing, pull out your slips and take a closer look.


  • JAR:  Purchase a jar the next time you’re at your favorite store or resale shop.
  • LABEL:  Print labels and tape one to our jar. No need to sign-up to access the labels, I provided them below.
  • PROGRESS SLIPS:  Print six copies of the progress slips to start. Also provided below.
  • HABIT:  Write on one progress slip each day for the next month to form a new habit.
  • REMINDER:  Glance at your jar when you need a friendly reminder of the progress you’re making.
  • MOTIVATION: Read your progress slips when you need some motivation to take action and get moving again.

They are a fun and effective way to make life changes.

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Images of 12 life changing printables in a variety of colors. Link provided to access printables.




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