How to Figure Out Your Ideal Life


If I asked you one thing you would change about your life RIGHT NOW, could you tell me?


But would you be able to tell me exactly what your IDEAL life would look like if I asked?

Probably not. Most of us can’t.

But why?


1.  We have so much going on in our life that it’s difficult to slow down long enough for some thoughtful reflection.

2.  “Most people are so busy reacting to the needs of daily life that they’re happy just to be getting through the day. It’s hard to live on purpose when life revolves around daily crises and you’re always feeling overwhelmed.”  ~ Marcia Wieder

3.  We are bombarded by messages about what our life SHOULD look like that our own wants, needs and desires gets drowned out.

4.  We are so used to helping others achieve their life dreams that pursuing our own can be a foreign concept.

5.  We often value the opinions of those we care about to the point that we sacrifice our dreams so our loved ones won’t be uncomfortable; especially if they don’t understand what we want out of life.

6.  We believe that what we really want to do in our lives is too risky, too difficult or too scary to figure out how to get there. Therefore, we push our dreams to the back of our mind to avoid the pain associated with not living the life we really want to live.

The problem is, you really can’t get rid of the pain of not living your ideal life. It tends to manifest itself in other ways. Those ways can look and feel like depression, anxiety, fear, anger, discontentment, negativity, harsh judgement, substance abuse, overeating, etc.

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If you are experiencing any of this in your life, it’s time to start being honest with yourself and planning for your ideal life; the life you would love to live.

Would you believe me if I said it can be incredibly simple? I can hear you laughing now.

Nothing is that simple, right? Well, that’s for sure.

However, what IS simple is taking the first step. And then the next. And then the next. You just need to know what that next step is.

So, here’s where you start…


1.  Print the Ideal Life Worksheet. No need to sign-up to access, I provided it below.

I did the assignment as well and included it as an example for you to review.  It’s an accurate representation of what I am currently considering to be my ideal Day, Month and Year.  

This assignment was SO helpful for me to get clear about what I really want that I’ll be reviewing my current life plan and goals to make sure they align with the assignment.  I’m excited because I think it will help me be more focused about where to put my time and energy each day

2.  Look at your schedule for the upcoming week and schedule ONE hour to complete the worksheet. Write down the day & time. Commit to it now.

3.  Complete the worksheet in pencil allowing yourself flexibility to easily make changes.

Remember, this assignment is one step in the journey towards living your ideal life. Let’s work together to figure out the next step and the step after that until we’re all living the life we love.

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.”  ~ Rumi

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