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How To Deal With Overwhelm While Pursuing Your Dreams


This morning was a tough one and I didn’t see it coming.

Last night I was looking forward to having the morning to myself. I planned to spend a few hours writing a new blog post and preparing a free printable, however, when morning came around, my confidence and emotions had a different idea.

Let me begin by saying that starting a new business (or making any major life changes) is NOT easy. Especially when you work a traditional 9-to-5. Although I really love my 9-to-5, I’m starting a business so that I can live my ideal life that I explained in more detail in this post.

That being said, I have done a fairly decent job over the last several months managing my life with all the new things I’m trying to learn and put into place but sometimes the overwhelm unexpectedly creeps up on me and throws me a little off course. This morning was one of those times.

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I got a great idea in my head about the post I was going to write.

I had some chicken scratch written down about the concept and a title so I was ready to go.

I sat down at the computer and started working on my blog planning outline.

And then…I froze.

Suddenly I had nothing to write about.

I couldn’t make sense of my idea and immediately went into ‘you suck’ mode. This started a quick downward spiral and my morning turned out to be extremely unproductive. I made some coffee and plopped myself in front of the tv to watch another episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I just couldn’t deal.

I even considered throwing in the towel altogether. I was thinking ‘I’m just no good at this’, ‘it’s too much work’, ‘what if I spend all this time trying and nothing comes of it’, ‘living the status quo would be easier, wouldn’t it?’

I experienced all the real thoughts and feelings most of us have when we’re trying something new in our lives. Something hard. Something scary.

But when I’m not spiraling, I know without a shadow of a doubt that my pursuit of something hard and scary is a very good thing for my personal growth, even if I ‘fail.’

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After taking some time away from the computer, I could reflect on what was going on.

A few days ago, my sisters, dad and I spent the very first day clearing out some of my mom’s belongings even though she passed away four years ago this month. We had a good day.

We were calm and compassionate towards each other and worked as a team. When someone wanted something, they asked the group and added it to their pile.

We had the understanding that if someone else wanted it, they could say so and we’d have a discussion. This went on all day without a hitch.

We had a lovely dinner together and I headed home.

The next day I spent with my husband enjoying summer and a day off together.

This morning was the first time I was alone since cleaning mom’s house and it hit me. It hit me hard.

But this post is not about grieving. It’s about how best to live life while making changes in pursuit of our dreams.

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When we’re making changes in our lives, life keeps on living. We should try and be ready for that.

I find it interesting how my first reaction was to give up when I felt an intense level of overwhelm. It’s a coping mechanism that I tend to use in the moment. However, because it’s something I’ve experienced before, I could recognize it a bit quicker than normal.

So, I took that break I mentioned above.

After I calmed down a bit I pulled an Angel Card from one of my favorite decks.* I do this often for some additional perspective and without fail, I find it extremely helpful.

The card had two words on it…”DON’T STOP”. Seriously? I’ve never pulled this card before. It’s just what I needed to hear.

So, I got back to work but I focused on something that would take less energy than writing a blog post. This helped me feel like I was getting something done so tonight I celebrate that small win.


Here are some things to remember the next time you are feeling overwhelmed:

  • Stop and take a break. Remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible so the downward spiral doesn’t last too long.
  • After the break (however long that needs to be), spend some time reflecting on your reaction to the overwhelm.
    • What thoughts went through your head during that time?
    • Write them down so you can become more familiar with them the next time they appear.
  • Make a list of the things that are helpful for you to do to gain perspective. Everyone is different so think about what works best for you. I taught myself over the last year to pull an angel card soon after feeling overwhelmed because I have had such good experiences with this. This is now in my tool box.

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Can you relate?

How are you dealing with overwhelm?

Are there areas of overwhelm you’re not dealing with effectively right now?

What’s in your toolbox during these times?

Need to find your focus and start prioritizing your life? Struggling to stay motivated?

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*My favorite Angel Card Decks (affiliate links…Click here to read my full disclosure policy.)

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