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Are you still stuck at home? Many of us are. And most of us are feeling the stress that comes along with being around our families all day. With schools holding off on the start of the year and many jobs still going strong remotely, we’re spending more time than ever at home. We’re short-tempered and a little less-than-excited for the change of season, when darkness comes before dinner. If you’re feeling the same way, scroll on for a few ways to get ahead of household tension so you can weather the winter together without losing your minds.

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1. But, I’m So Bored!

Boredom is one of the biggest instigators of attitude problems in people of all ages. Even though you are all busy with work, school, and other household duties, there’s still plenty of down time, and that can make you a little stir crazy. You can get ahead of boredom by using a Loving Mondays daily planner so that everyone knows what’s ahead on the agenda. Further, for those of us with kids (and the ones who are kids at heart) video games (in moderation!) are a tried-and-true way to kill a few hours in the afternoon.

Today’s games are largely online, however, and this means you have to have a good internet connection. Preferably, you have Verizon or another major company in your area that offers a fiber-optic service. If you play Fortnite or other multiplayer games, especially ones with fast-paced play and lots of visual elements, everyone will only become more frustrated if your internet lags.

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2. That Fluorescent Tan

Eight hours behind a computer and another three and a half hours on our phones followed by a couple of hours of Netflix mean that every day we are spending more time indoors then out. This is unfortunate because time outside is crucial for our health, and your entire family will almost certainly be in a better mood spending time outdoors.

Make a point to plan some outside activities every day. This could be something as simple as a quick walk in the park or an afternoon playing ball in the backyard. Doing things like camping, taking a long weekend at the beach or mountains, or even working in the yard are also great ways to combat nature deficit disorder.

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3. The Walls Are Closing In

Video games and outside time can only go so far. Sometimes, you have to stay home, but what do you do when it feels like your space is too small for your family now that you and your family are home 100% of the time? You get creative, that’s what.

Homeside explains there are many ways to make even a small house feel less confining. These are to maximize natural light by opening the blinds and using mirrors to enhance luminosity. You can also choose lighter colors for the walls and, perhaps most importantly, get rid of clutter. By purging excess furniture, trinkets, and trash, there will be fewer things to clean, and that alone can reduce stress and lighten the mental burden of caring for a home.

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4. Communication Is Key

More important than any of the above advice is to remember to communicate your thoughts and feelings with your family. Let them know that you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. And then let them talk without judgment if they feel the same. By maintaining an open line of communication you will at least understand when the other is a bit snippy, and you can have a plan in place on how to stop arguments before they ever start.

Self-isolation continues to be one of the best ways to avoid illness. But, it is not without its caveats. When you are inside with everyone day and night, you have to look for ways to set your mind free. This might be plugging into your favorite videogame, playing outside, or simply cleaning up a bit. Whatever you choose to do, do it. The road ahead promises to be long and winding, and the sooner you prioritize a peaceful environment, the better off you’ll be.

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