The focus of the CREATE phase of the cycle* is to put our plans into action, to begin moving in the direction of our dreams.

Now the real work gets done.

We will have good days and bad.

We will take risks and face our fears of failing.

We will get inspirational spurts of energy and fresh gremlins to deal with.

That’s exactly why the DREAM and PLAN phases are so critical to our success.

They help us stay focused in the here-and-now during what can often be the most challenging phase of the cycle, the creation of our dreams. Turning them into reality.

Some of the areas we’ll be exploring in the CREATE phase include:

  • Going after our true purpose in life and loving it for what it is.
  • Being honest about what we need to do for our personal and professional development.
  • Taking 100% personal responsibility for the progress that we make.
  • Accepting and appreciating that we all move at our own pace.
  • Understanding that comparison really can be the death of creativity (Brené Brown).
  • Capitalizing on our strengths and constructively exploring our perceived ‘weaknesses’.
  • Understanding ‘Impostor Syndrome’ and examining if it’s playing a role in our lives.
  • Exploring all sorts of barriers that creep up on us at each stage of the dream fulfillment process.
  • Encouraging one another to try new things, especially when we feel stuck.
  • Supporting one another so we know we are not alone in this process.

No matter where you are in the DREAM ◊ PLAN ◊ CREATE cycle now, you’ve come to the right place to find ideas about how to effectively work within that phase each time you find yourself there.

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*Visit the ABOUT page for an introduction to the DREAM ◊ PLAN ◊ CREATE cycle.