9 Ways to Start Next Year Off Right

There are so many ways to jump start your life but it’s important to find the ways that work best for YOU.

Start with this list and then continue searching for the tips that speak directly to your authentic self.

1. Start Anytime, Not Just on January 1

The focus of this article is to encourage you to look at the next year of your life at any point in the year.

January 1 is a big time for new year’s resolutions, reflection and plans to change, but if those new plans or resolutions only last a month or so (which is typical), then re-evaluating the upcoming year in March, April, or May will keep you moving in the right direction.

That’s a better approach than a complete stop mid-year and waiting again for January 1 to start again like a lot of people do. 

2. Put Yourself First this Year

Permission granted to put your needs, dreams and goals first before anyone else in your life. Yes, that includes your children, partner and parents.

So often we live our lives based on what other’s need or expect and before we know it, our life flashes by and we haven’t truly taken care of ourselves or done the things we want to do.

Wouldn’t you also be modeling something very important to others in your life anyway, especially your children? If you model how to put yourself first, you’ll be teaching others that it’s ok to do the same. 

3. Allow Others to Put Themselves First

Maybe it’s time for a family discussion about what it means to each family member to put themselves first.

How does it look differently for each person and how can you support one another with this new priority?

You can’t expect to put yourself first if you don’t allow others to do the same.

Starting with communication may be just what you need to ensure everyone is on the same page.

4. Reflect on the Previous Year

What has the past year been like for you?

Are you willing to be honest with yourself?

Are there patterns you want to change, things you hoped to accomplish but didn’t, and/or things you did accomplish that feels really good?

Did you have a plan?

How did it go?

Was it too ambitious?

Was it not ambitious enough?

All good questions as you reflect on the previous year!

5. Review Unfinished Goals and/or Projects

Before moving on to new plans, are there goals or projects that you planned for over the past year that you want to start, continue or finish? 

Or, perhaps some things are hanging over your head that you’d prefer to say goodbye to once and all. Before starting a new plan, determine what you’d like to do with any previous goals and plans.

6. Consider being Exceptional at just One Thing

What if you did some exploration to determine just one or two goals that could make a real difference in your life?

What if then you only focused on those one or two things? Might your success rate go up?

Sometimes we have way too many goals and because of the overwhelm that creates, we end up freezing and doing nothing.

Does that ever happen to you?

That’s one of the reasons we procrastinate and feel unmotivated.

Sometimes we simply have too many things to do that our brains can’t really figure out where to start. 

7. Develop a Clear Roadmap

Regardless of the number of changes or goals you have, a clear plan will help you get from A – Z.

If planning does not come easy for you or you quickly get overwhelmed, start with a very small plan.

There is no requirement to the size of plan you must develop to begin making changes in your life.

If you need help planning, check-out these Essential Life Planners to help you get started!

8. Start Small

I’m a huge proponent of small steps.

That is truly how I live my life.

I always determine the next small step for the upcoming hour and/or day that will lead me to my goals and focus there.

I don’t allow myself to focus on step #2 until step #1 is done.

It allows me to remain stress-free as much as possible and truly enjoy being in the moment as I work on each step at a time.

Therefore, be sure to break any big plans and goals down into small, realistic steps.

9. Take a Stand Against Distractions

It’s time to get a handle on what’s distracting you from living the life that will bring you the most joy and happiness.

There are plenty of ways we keep ourselves distracted so we don’t have to admit that we’re not living the life we imagined for ourselves.

It’s time to take a stand and admit you deserve better. 

If you’re not even sure what you’re taking a stand for, I highly recommend you consider trying one of the planners pictured throughout this article.

I know I’m a little biased because I developed them 😊.

However, feedback has been so positive about how they help people figure things out that I know they work.

Here’s to making the next year of your life better than all the rest!

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