13 Signs That You’re In A Rut

Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck, unmotivated or easily losing interest in things?

Or perhaps you’re not even sure what is going on exactly but you know that something isn’t quite right?

I find this especially interesting in my own life when I come up with a great idea, project, or plan, start pumping a lot of energy into it and after a period of time, I suddenly lose interest.

It leaves me feeling like, what the ‘bleep’ just happened? How did I lose that energy so quickly?

What was once making me feel alive and excited about waking up each day, now feels like a chore and a hassle to deal with.

In talking with many others over the years and listening to them describe their lives, I’ve come to learn this is more common than many of us realize; and frankly, I find it healing to know I’m not the only one.



Through my own experiences feeling stuck and my observation of others, I developed a list of 13 ways to determine if you’re in a rut. Understanding this about yourself is the first step in asking for help or looking for solutions to make positive change.

If you find, after reading this list, that it would be helpful to learn new strategies for working yourself out of a rut, you can access the free download ‘31 Reasons Why You May Be Stuck In A Rut‘ below. It includes a self-assessment and actionable steps for you to follow.

Ok, let’s get on to the 13 signs.


  1. You don’t feel like you have anything to look forward to.
  2. You don’t feel like doing much besides watching tv and snacking on your favorite comfort food.
  3. You find yourself going through the motions without a lot of enthusiasm or energy.
  4. You must convince yourself to get up in the morning.
  5. You find yourself overreacting to minor annoyances.
  6. You get sick easier or more frequently than usual.
  7. You are more center-focused than normal; it’s difficult to find the energy to give yourself to others.
  8. You get your feelings hurt more easily or your insensitivity is hurting the feelings of others.
  9. You are more impatient than you normally are.
  10. You feel lost and don’t know how to move forward.
  11. You are full of self-doubt and keep second-guessing yourself.
  12. You are more pessimistic than normal (your glass is half empty).
  13. You are not interested in learning new things or new perspectives.


If so, the ‘31 Reasons Why You May Be Stuck In A Rut‘ (below) will provide you with some helpful tips on how to get things moving again.

There’s no magic formula but there are definitely some easy strategies you can begin implementing to work yourself out of the difficult place you find yourself in now or in the future.

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